Update as of February 2010


OKÖafter a long absence since the last update, we thought this was important enough to make a special announcement.  As most of you know, Addison has been feed through a feeding tube for pretty much most of her life.  She gets fed formula from a pump all night long, as well as some extra feedings during the day.  She has sporadically tried food, but never eaten enough to sustain her with the caloric intake required, as well as the type of good healthy foods necessary to give her the natural vitamins.


Well, it has now been about 3 weeks since we have given her ANY feedings, and Addison has successfully maintained her weight at 42.5 pounds.  She is eating breakfast for the first time in her life, as well as almost normal portions of lunch and dinner.  She still doesnít get quite the calories needed with those and usually needs a pretty big snack when she gets home from school, as well as a desert almost every night.  However, this is really HUGE progress for her.  This has the potential to have the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel with getting her G-tube (feeding tube) removed in a few months.


The timeframe is now set to just wait until she has some sort of illness (bad cold, flu, etc) and see how she reacts to it.  In the past, the little progress we have made with her became null and void when she became sick, and she always reverted back to not eating what-so-ever.  So, we continue to have her try new foods (she likes garlic, spicy and salty foods), and encourage her to eat as much as she can each time.  We continue to try and stretch out her stomach to handle larger portions of food, as her stomach has never had to do this before.


Also, since she no longer is hooked up to the feeding pump at night, and does not need the constant supervision, we have ordered a new bed set for her (delivered on Saturday) and Stacey will start the transition to move back in to the master bedroom (yea!).  We donít know how Addison will handle that change, but we are hopeful.  We are so excited and all this just before her 7th birthday on March 1st!!! 


She has done well with her transition to her new public school this past fall for 1st grade, and seems to enjoy her peers/teachers.  She has had a wonderful school nurse that works with her everyday with eating, had has helped tremendously.  Addison played soccer last fall, and is in her second round of gymnastics and swimming classes.  She continues to love art, and colors every chance she gets.


Evan also does the same sports as Addison, and he continues to amaze us by excelling at EVERY sport he tries.  He seems to be ambidextrous with both his feet in soccer, and his arms with baseball throwing.  In gymnastics, they had him skip two classes and he is now the youngest/smallest in the group of 6-9 year olds, yet is doing better than almost all of them.  He just turned 5 years old today, and is beaming with pride.  He continues to do very well in Pre-K, and will start attending Addisonís public school next year (we just made that decision yesterday).  His teachers and peers seem to enjoy his enthusiasm and kindness (they call him Mr. Blue Eyes).  In the spring, he will start a few golf lessons, as well as karate.  He keeps trying to find bumps around the neighborhood to jump on his bike, so I made a ramp for him and bought a full face helmet for the soon-to-be crashes.  He certainly is ALL boy.


Taylor is attending Auburn University, AL as a freshman, and seems to have adjusted well to his new surroundings.  He lives about an hour away from his mother (Montgomery), and sees her regularly (laundry of course).  His current plans are to major in Political Science with a minor in Music.  He wants to attend law school to become a politician.  He continues to pursue his acting bug and not only does drama and singing, but has actually started taken some ballet lessons.  He continues to practice clarinet and hopes to make the Auburn Marching Band next football season.  Taylor also has a gig on the school radio station, talking and playing music. 


Stacey continues with her same job as a dietitian for Genesis Eldercare.  She has three centers now that she works on different days throughout the week.  She has lost a ton of weight, and is almost down to what she was when we got married.  She looks spectacular, if I do say so myself. 


Iím still struggling along with US Airways.  They continue to live up to their status as a horrible company to work for.  Along with being the lowest paid pilots in the industry, they just closed the LaGuardia, NY base 3 days ago (along with the Las Vegas one), and will be closing the Boston base in May.  I will then have to commute to Philadelphia, Washington DC, or Charlotte, NC to get to work and sit on reserve status (Iíll find out in the next month or so).  This will greatly increase my time away from home, as well as increase my commuting expenses. 


My parents moved here a couple of months ago from California to be around all the grandkids more.  They have been a HUGE help, and the kids just canít get enough of Nana and Pappy, along with their dogs Rosie and Shandy (side note: one of our dogs Shiloh had to be put to sleep a few months ago after he developed a brain tumor).  It is nice to have them be able to attend school functions and sporting events, as well has just helping us out with our crazy schedule to be there after school sometimes.  Mom continues to set up the house (great job as usual) and dad continues to plug along with his recycling WineWood Company (http://winewoodproducts.com).  Heís looking forward to a great spring season for the wood grilling chips, and has developed a new process for the hardwood flooring that is absolutely gorgeous. (http://winewoodproducts.com/Flooring )


Hope all is well with you, and we appreciate your checking in on this webpage to get her news.  I know it has been ages since the last update, but since there hasnít been real progress, we felt it hasnít been worth it until now. 


See the latest pictures at http://vogls.com/addieupdate2010