Hello, Everyone,

Well, we've had an exciting week. On Thursday, Stacey, Taylor, Addison, Evan and I flew down to Auburn to see the Auburn University vs. Mississippi State football game. We had a really great time and were able to see several of my friends and their families. Taylor also had a great time going on the campus tour, as well as seeing my old fraternity house, and meeting the new guys who are currently there. They were a great bunch of guys who were nice enough to invite Taylor to sit in the student section for the football game, and he was able to really get the feel of how incredible the stadium is. For those who don't know, the Patriots football stadium holds about 60,000 people...Auburn holds just under 90,000 people. He really liked seeing the marching band, as well, which he is interested in joining. Taylor is a junior in High School, so he has another year before he decides which college to attend, but it was really great to let him see a little of how great it was when I went there.

We will soon post some pictures of the trip www.vogls.com We were all dressed up in Auburn attire, and Addison even had on a cheerleading uniform, and Evan a game jersey. They were scared at first, but quickly relaxed and were cheering our team on, shaking the pom-pom sticks. Addison was a little disappointed when we got there, as she was under the impression that SHE was going to play football. Very cute.

My parents flew into Rhode Island on Saturday night to help watch the kids while I attend flight training. We are very grateful, as always, that they continue to support all us by taking the time to fly all the way out from California and stay at our home. They have done this more times that we can count, and it has really helped.

We came home on Sunday night, and by the time I got to bed it was 2am...at 4am I had to get up to catch my flight down to Charlotte NC to start airline training. By the end of the first day, we were able to find out our assignments...I will be based out of LaGuardia, NY on the Airbus A-320. I should be able to hold an actual line (as opposed to reserve), which is excellent for commuting purposes. After this week of basic indoctrination training, I will start the airplane specific training on November 1st (in Charlotte again), which gives me over a month of paid vacation. Something I can actually smile about. Once training starts, I will be gone for at least 3 weeks in ground school, and then head off to simulator training. After that, I will have to fly with a check-airman for my first 25 flying hours which will then complete all training, and I'm free to go active. Since most check airman are senior pilots, I assume they won't want to be flying on Christmas or New Year's eve, so I hope to be home for those holiday's this year.

Hope all is well with you. I continue to hope that the dark clouds are parting for my family...