Hello, Everyone,

Lots of things happening around here.  Most important is that I have been recalled back to US Airways.  I'll fly down to start Sept 17th, for approximately 6 weeks of training on the new aircraft.  Until I'm there, I don't know which aircraft, or where I'll be based, so there is a very real possibility I'll have to commute to work for a while, until I can hold Boston.  They sent me a take it or pass letter last Tuesday, and then on Friday I received a take it or resign letter, as there apparently are no more people junior to my seniority number to pass my recall.  It is a good thing to go back, but I'm very nervous as I haven't flown in 5 1/2 years.  I'm sure it will come back to me, but that doesn't alleviate the anxiety.  My parents are flying in to help with the kids while I'm gone, which Stacey and I are especially appreciative. 

As most of you know I was starting my own mortgage branch, and we've been waiting for the state licenses.  That also came in on Friday morning (of course).  Due to my recall, I will have to pass on being the branch manager.  However, I will continue to have the option of submitting loans if I should run across them, for some extra income.  I also start tonight with getting my Scuba license.  I've been wanting to get this for a while, and have a quick opportunity before starting to fly again. 
Stacey has been increasing her hours at work to supplement my lack of income (except for unemployment).  I've been the house keeper again, as I was after being released from the airlines in Feb 2002.  We were going to try to get on her medical insurance (which she must be full time to get), as COBRA is costing us about $1600/month.  Now that I'm being recalled, we will just go on US Airway's.  Stacey will still have to work for extra income, as the airlines are paying less since I left due to the two bankruptcies they had.  Hopefully that will change in the next few years.  We still have to figure out how to juggle kids and me being gone for work, as that hasn't happened since before Addison was born.  Somehow, we will figure it all out, as we have for so long now. 
Addison went to summer school for a few weeks, and enjoyed it.  She has made much progress in the past year, speaking much better, and socializing much more.  She is still very shy in new situations, but gets over it much faster.  There is small progress with the feeding, but it is still something we are working on.  She begins Pre-K the first week of September.  She was able to spend time with her new teacher over the summer, which should help with the transition to the new classroom.  She is fun, beautiful and a joy to be around.  She is still very controlling, but we believe this is a result of the lack of control she had in her early stages of life. 
Evan has been going to day care a few times a week.  We thought it would be good for his socialization, and we were correct.  He always has a good time there, and loves to show off for everyone.  He is always very proud of the projects they do in class, and can't wait to show Addison when he returns.  Evan will be a total lady killer when he gets older.  Very cute and outgoing, as well as very athletic.  He already can hit a ball with a bat continuously, as well as dropping a ball and kicking it while it is still in the air (like a goalie in soccer).  He can also dribble the ball at a full speed run.  Not bad for a 2 1/2 year old...
Taylor has returned from visiting his mother for the summer.  While there, he took some fencing classes, which he enjoyed very much.  He also took a driver's ed course, and almost obtained his Advanced Scuba license.  He had an ear blockage that prevented him from taking the last dive, so we will try to get it done when I go out for my beginner class.  Taylor will start his Junior year in High School, and turned 16 a few weeks ago.  I took him to the Patriots pre-season football game on Friday, and we all went (as well as 3 of his friends) to Six Flags on Saturday.  His big news is that as of yesterday, he found his first job.  He will start on Friday at Ruby Tuesday's restaurant as a host (he's too young to serve alcohol, so he can't be a waiter).  He is very much into girls now, and has come into his own as a handsome young man.  They are all over him, which is an amusing site for me as he is growing up. 
Our next family trip will be to Auburn University from Sept 13-16 to attend the Auburn v Miss St game.  This has been planned for a while, so I now have to figure out how to get back home and then to training on the 17th.  This will be the first game for all the kids, so I'm very excited to introduce them to 90,000 screaming fans.  Taylor is deciding on colleges, and I hope he decides he enjoys it there.  That would certainly make life easier to visit him when I fly into Atlanta.  We also might have an opportunity to stay in Maine for a little while, as Stacey's work needs a temporary dietitian next month. 
We had to replace much of our roof, as it has been leaking for some time now.  Little stains here and there.  We are also replacing all the windows for the same reason.  Our fence that was damaged in a storm in April has now been fixed, and I've re-stained the whole thing.  For a new house, I seem to have a lot of problems...  Our favorite neighbors across the street have sold their house, and are getting a divorce.  He moved down to Florida and is doing great with his new job.  She is staying here in Portsmouth so their daughter can finish her last year of High School. 
Overall, things are looking better around here.  Unfortunately, I'm waiting for the next bad thing to happen, as that has been the pattern of our lives these past 5 years.  I certainly hope I'm wrong, as we need to have some sustained good luck for a while...it would be a nice break from the stress.  Hope all is well with you all.
Mike, Stacey, Taylor, Addison, and Evan