August 2, 2004


Well, it seems that Stacey and I have decided that we just donít have enough stress in our lives.  Stacey hasnít been feeling well for the past several days, so on Friday night, she decided to take a little home medical test.  Well, it turns out that Addison will soon be a big sister!!!!!  Yes, this is definitely a little earlier than we expected, but we are very happy about it.  Stacey has to set up a doctors appointment to see how far along she is, but we assume approximately one month.  She isnít looking forward to the ill feelings over the next couple of months, but is hoping to go the full term this time.  We are so excited, and nervous.  We canít imagine going through everything again, and will just have to hope for the best.. 


Taylor returns home from his summer vacation at his motherís house in Alabama today, and we will be informing him of the latest developments.  Iím sure he will be happy, and no doubt be hoping for a little brother.  Taylor is not only flying in tomorrow, but also starts his new football season.  It is my deepest hope that I will be able to spend much more time with him this year.  The past year and a half has been very rough on all of us, and Taylor has unfortunately been pushed into the background. His birthday is next Sunday on the 8th, and he is turning 13 years old!   We decided to have his birthday party down at the beach, where he will be able to see his friends again, and go swimming and kayaking. 


Stacey has been trying to go back to work a little at a time, on a per diem basis.  It is stressful, but it at least gets her out of the house a bit.  Her work has been very accommodating, and we couldnít ask for more out of an employer.  They are a top-notch company and we are very lucky to be a part of them. 


My company finally opened the new office in Foxboro, MA this past week.  This will save me 30 miles a day in commuting.  It is also nice to be around the excitement of new ventures.  Everyone is really looking forward to making Foxboro the number one branch of the almost 800 branches nationwide. 


Addison is doing very well.  She is a HUGE handful.  Crawling around and getting into everything, all the while trailing the feeding pump.  She still has such a good disposition about her.  She just amazes us everyday.  Sheís been doing a lot of growling (like a lion), and loves to be passed back and fourth between Stacey and me.  Addison looks forward to me coming home from work, and fights going to sleep until Iím home. 


We continue to receive contributions from various sources.  We thank you all immensely, as it has really helped to keep our heads above water.  It is also nice to see how many people continue to come to the website and see Addisonís progress.  She will someday be as amazed as we are at the outpouring of support that we have seen.  We hope all of you find yourselves in good health, and offer our best wishes to you.


Mike, Stacey, Taylor, Addison and the ďsoon-to-be-namedĒ