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Synopsis as of January 2004:

Addison was born at six months on March 1st weighing one pound seven ounces.  After 89 days in the intensive care unit she came home weighing four pounds four ounces.  Her health appeared normal until September 22 when she was taken back into the hospital for a lack of appetite and for not gaining weight.  She was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma cancer of the liver which had grown to almost four times normal size.

Since then she has undergone five chemotherapy treatments and over two months back in the hospital.  She is now showing the effects of the treatments and throws up about a dozen times a day, sometimes with blood.  She now weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces at ten months of age.

Addison is now on the national and regional list for receipt of a liver.  The operation will be accomplished at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland.

On January 1st the Polar Bears of Newport Rhode Island graciously sponsored Addison during their New Years day plunge into the Atlantic Ocean, at First Beach, in Newport, at 12 noon.  (See the link on the left.)

Addison's parents, Stacey and Mike Vogl have been at her side constantly, sleeping in the hospital for months, and sleeping on the floor in her bedroom at home.  Mike lost his job as a pilot for US Airways due to the 9/11 tragedy and Stacey had to go from full time work to being full time with Addison.  Their insurance coverage may run out soon and this presents some obvious problems. Addison requires constant observation for complications and her parents rarely get to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time.

At the left are several links to pictures of Addison which you might like to see.  Start with the lowest number and progress through the links as you like.  Some of the links have several pages of pictures so watch for the additional selections.  On most pages you can click on a thumbnail picture to get a larger view.  Use your "back" arrow to return if you can't find the appropriate button on the page.  On most pages there are instructions you can use to help you along.

We can't thank you enough for the interest you show in Addison's condition.  We love this beautiful little fighter and we take hope in your pulling for her, too.



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